Youth is engaged at COP23


The 13th Conference Of Youth (COY13) took place before the opening of COP23 in Bonn from November 2 to 4. This meeting brought together international organizations and associations of young people engaged in climate action. It is part of the International Youth Climate Movement, which holds and directs climate actions organized by youth. YOUNGO is one of 9 civil society groups represented in the UNFCCC and has been accredited  as an observer member since 2009.


I was at the YOUNGO meeting this morning, where young people from all over the world gathered with the bottom-lining team (which is YOUNGO slang for managing team) to discuss and brief the audience about what is happening in the negotiations. The way these people talk and lead meetings is very nice. It is based upon deep transparency and equality rules, where everyone can hold the microphone to share their views.

The meeting began with the famous energizer, a short role-playing game where everyone sings, dances and shakes their body to wake up. Every meeting relies on the some communication rules in order to not to create a mess each time a discussion is brought to the table.  This helps ensure a democratic process. If you fully agree with something being said, turn your wrists above your head.  If you do not, move one hand up and down. To talk after someone, raise your hand above your head. If you want to make a direct response to a long speech, lower this hand towards the ground.

The meeting then continued with a discussion about the results of an internal election of representatives of the Global South. The atmosphere became tense over disagreements resulting from a previous discussion. Voices of speakers, seated all around in the audience, became more and more trembling, aggressive or calming, until a woman said: “We are here to fight against climate change, not to fight against each other.” Her intervention helped bring the discussion to a close.  However a few people remained emotional, as they had spent day and night negotiating these agreements.

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Tears and tensions are part of the will to bring about global change as are smiles and joys. Thanks to these profoundly engaged young people, the agreements signed by the parties incorporate youth interests.



El camino a Lima – The road to Lima

Un primer paso. La COY10 es la Conferencia de la Juventud sobre Cambio Climático. Es un evento que ofrece la oportunidad a cientos de jóvenes del mundo para que se reúnan a dialogar, proponer y a definir acciones.

Hoy 1000 jóvenes hemos sido invitados a asistir a Lima, Perú para formular la Declaratoria de la Juventud respecto al cambio climático y definir la agenda climática 2015.

A pesar de los obstáculos como la distancia y grandes costos de viaje muchos jóvenes vamos a participar en este evento y hacer que nuestras voces se vuelvan acciones. El cambio climático es un tema transcendental para nuestra generación y para el planeta.  Somos jóvenes y queremos un clima que permita un cambio hacía la sostenibilidad y la justicia social.

Por medio de este blog seremos una ventana respecto a la COY10, la Cumbre de los Pueblos sobre  Cambio Climático y la COP20. En días como estos se decidirán las acciones que definirán nuestro futuro y el de la naturaleza. Tenemos que ser parte de este esfuerzo donde sea que estemos. Con este blog iniciamos un esfuerzo para acortar la distancia entre Lima y las personas en sus países mostrando desde una perspectiva joven las vivencias y acontecimientos que experimentaremos al asistir a los eventos climáticos. Esto nos ayudará a desmitificar y humanizar los procesos de gobernanza climática, abriendo un camino hacia la participación de la ciudadanía en la gran discusión por nuestro desarrollo y el clima.

Les instamos a leernos, preguntarnos y sugerirnos ideas.

En el camino a Lima.


The first step. The COY10 is the Conference of Youth on Climate Change. It is an evento that offers the opportunity to hundreds of youth from around the world to meet, talk, suggest and define actions.

Today  1000 of us have been invited to visit Lima, Peru to formulate the Declartion of Youth on Climate Change and to define the climate agenda for 2015.

Despite the obstacles of distance and the significant travel costs many of us are travelling to this evento to make our voice turn into actions. Climate Chanve is a key issue for our generation and for the planet. We are the youth and we want a climate that allows a change towards sustainability and social justice.

Through this blog we will be a window in regards to the COY10, the People´s Summit on Climate Change, and the COP20. In days as these the actions that will define our future and that of nature will be agreed upon. We need to be a part of this effort regardless of our location. This blog is the beginning of an effort to shorten distances between Lima and the peoples on their countries by sharing from a youth perspective the events and experiences that we will live as we participate in these climate meetings. This will helps us to humanize and demythify this climate governance processes creating a road towars citizen participation in this great discussion on regards to our development and the climate.

We urge you to read, ask and suggest ideas.

On the road to Lima.