COP 23: Get to Know La Ruta del Clima team


For the fourth consecutive year, volunteers from La Ruta del Clima will be be attending the Conference of Parties (COP), from November 6 to 17, in Bonn.


At this year’s conference, we will be co-hosting side events on the role of youth and civil society in climate change governance.  Our team will be providing daily updates of the negotiations and COP-related events on our website and social media.  We will be interviewing  climate negotiators, NGOs and other key players from the COP.  Subscribe to our YouTube page to stay up to date with our interviews and daily video briefings during the conference.  

In addition, we will be providing updates on this year’s negotiations through our weekly radio program, Ojo al Clima, a joint production with the University of Costa Rica and LatinClima.  Tune in on Mondays at 8 a.m. on 101.9 FM.

The following members of La Ruta will be representing Bonn at this year’s conference:

Adrián Martínez

Adrián is a Climate Policy Specialist and the President of La Ruta.   Adrián is passionate about working with young people in Latin America on climate change and sustainable development projects.  He works in environmental law, providing research on communal adaptation to climate change and promoting informed citizen participation.  Adrián has an M.A. in Environment, Development, and Peace from the University of Peace and a law degree from the University of Costa Rica.

Periodista Valeria Roman
Valeria Román

A journalist and youth rights activist, Valeria serves as the Vice President of La Ruta del Clima.  She is dedicated to communications work with NGOs with regards to sustainability and human rights issues.  Valeria currently lives in Mexico City, where she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communications at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma.

Rosa Vásquez Rodríguez
Rosa Vásquez

Rosa is an engineer and environmental consultant.  Rosa has extensive knowledge of environmental issues and the effects they have on vulnerable populations.  She has experience facilitating environmental management projects in the productive sector and has worked extensively on carbon neutrality initiatives.  Rosa’s work focuses on promoting citizen participation and creating cross-sectoral capacities to transition toward a sustainable and low emissions model.  Rosa is currently enrolled in a master’s program in Sustainable Urban Technologies at the University of Buenos Aires.

Msc. Mauricio Luna
Mauricio Luna

Mauricio is passionate about sustainable development, education, and climate change. He has extensive experience working with young people, both nationally and internationally, as well as with environmental NGOs, international volunteers, and educational institutions.  Mauricio holds a Master of Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Melbourne and a B.A. in International Relations from the Universidad Internacional de las Américas.

Ing. Cindy Umaña
Cindy Umaña

An environmental engineer and consultant,  Cindy also serves as La Ruta’s Treasurer.  Her interests lie in process innovation and modification to promote sustainability in the context of climate change.  She is committed to encouraging young people to propose, educate and develop alternative low-emission models. She works as a consultant on emissions measurement, environmental impact, and sustainable engineering. Living in Nice, France, Cindy is pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering for Smart Cities at the Institut Méditerranéen du Risque, de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable de Université Côte d’Azur.

MA. Sam Goodman
Sam Goodman

Sam has over ten years of experience working on climate change, natural resource management and sustainable development issues in Costa Rica, the United States, and Peru.  Prior to joining La Ruta in January 2017, Sam has worked with the Department of Interior and Peace Corps for the United States government, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Costa Rica.  He holds a dual Master’s Degree in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development from American University and the University of Peace.

For more information, please visit our website at  You can also follow our activities at COP23 through social media on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn



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